Hot Toys


Hot Toys manufacture highly detailed collectible merchandise. Established in 2000, the company initially focused on producing 1:6 scale U.S. military special forces action figures before transitioning to production of high-end figures based on media properties, primarily under their Movie Masterpiece Series brand.Their team of artists is led by sculptor Yulli and painter JC Hong. In 2010, Hot Toys’ one and only official store, Toy Hunters, was recognized as one of the 50 best independent shops in Hong Kong by “Time Out” Magazine.

For those serious collectors out there who demand only the best in quality would know that these figures are of the highest standard in the world. We are a stockist of Hot Toys but due to their exorbitant price, we only carry certain styles and tend to hold the rarer, older figures but can certain;y track down any figure you require …just contact us.

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